You so cannot! These are the fastest workers in the world!

It’s just fascinating! The ship sails, on the edge of the board fishermen sit in a row and in turn with a periodicity of 3 seconds they catch a large shiny tuna. Around they the blue sea, sun, beauty, sit, fish yourself. It seems so easy! In fact, this is a hell of a monotonous, stressful, collective work.


You did not think how many professions in the world, when an employee performs many hours of monotonous movements. And if a person, not only does he perform the same movements, but still does it at the maximum speed. How much will it last? The cook who makes the bagels is unrealistically fast, the woman making the finest rice cakes, without a break, quickly, with sharp movements. You know, not everyone is able to do this and these people – masters.

A man puts two pizzas in two boxes, cuts into pieces and closes both boxes in 14 seconds. It seems that he gets pleasure from this, probably he even has adrenaline. In any case, when you look at it, adrenaline is definitely allocated.

And yet, monotonous work at a fast pace, when heavy one the same muscle groups, can lead to occupational diseases and neuroses. On the one hand, delight, on the other – these are such sad thoughts.

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