Unexplained Sea Creatures shot on camera!

How many more incredible, inexplicable creatures are hiding in the depths of the seas and oceans! Who else will luck enough to accidentally to take photo monsters who decided to swim out of the depths of the world? And someone was lucky enough to surprise the Internet with their fotos!

A fifty-year-old tourist from Scotland, Harvey Robertson, off the Greek island in the Mediterranean, swam into the coastal cave and began photographing the water surface. In the cave it was gloomy, the camera flashed. According to Harvey, he did not notice anything of this. The monster that emerged from the water, he noticed then looking through the fotos. It hit in lens twice. The first time monster seemed over the water, another time – under the water. The monster lurked in the water, what size it was, it was difficult to determine, but not huge. Who it is, it’s also not clear. Experts found it difficult to identify, but full of ideas from the Internet audience. And the Loch Ness monster at the resort, and the mutant sailed from the radioactive Fukushima, and the hippopotamus, and a hybrid a hippopotamus and a crocodile.

During his vacation on the Great Coral Reef in Australia, Eng Liserek and his family purchased a motor boat to spend the next three months on Hook Island. On that day, December 12, 1964, they were in the lagoon of Stonehen, when the wife of Liserec noticed a huge creature next to the boat. It looked like a tadpole of unthinkable size. Then they estimated the size, approximately, nine yards. They took some pictures from the boat. When they saw him closer, it seemed to them that his size was much larger. The creature was 23-27 yards long. The creature lay motionless at the bottom and they thought it was dead. But as soon as Liserec took out his camera and took some pictures, the creature stirred and swam to it, and then slowly swam away.

Logarlfridsky snake, presumably located in the fresh lake Logarlfiod. The water of the lake is very silted and the monster is difficult to study if it certainly exists.

Researchers who are said to have met with Ningen during the whale expedition describe them as creatures 20-30 yards long, completely white in color, a physique reminiscent of a man. Other witnesses claim that Ningen do not have legs or feet, but have fins and a tail, like a mermaid. The only distinguishable features of Ningen’s eyes and mouth. Although Ningen and is considered a well-known sports forum. As a result, publications appeared that mention Antarctic humanoids. Assume that the probability of upsetting the species of undersea animals that have not yet been studied is very high, especially in the Southern Seas. In one article, even a snapshot of the Internet, which depicts something resembling Ningen.

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