Tourists understood that a rare phenomenon unfolds before their eyes. And so they took out the cameras and started shooting!

Tourists witnessed a shocking spectacle: a huge lion fled to a helpless buffalo. As the action took place near the truck with tourists, they all took out the cameras and started shooting.

The most shocking thing in this story is that this lion was not alone: soon his comrades joined him.

Tourists will never forget this amazing sight.

«It seemed like we were watching a documentary about nature, but everything was happening before our eyes’’

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When the clip begins, the two buffaloes are already aware of the danger!

The big cat waits for the best moment to attack the helpless creature.

Meanwhile, another lion is approaching. And then a whole group of deadly beasts clings to the carcass of a helpless creature.

Will he be able to get out of this situation?

Field guide Marten Lange witnessed the incident and recorded everything on camera.

”I had two American guests on a morning trip, and at the top of their wish list – to see a lion!’’

Tourists just did not expect to see such a spectacle!

Be sure to watch this video!

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