This photo intrigued users of the network. And you guessed what was the reason?

Mike Pence recently posted a photo on Twitter. On it he is depicted with his loved ones on one of Sunday days. Nice picture, is not it? But it caused a storm of emotions on the Internet, and it’s not that the picture is very nice and warm.

Attentive users noticed that there are three people in the picture, and two in the reflection! Where did Mike’s daughter go? It looks like a kind of thriller, do not you think?

Commentators of the photo began to build different versions of how this could happen. Someone suggested that this is an ordinary photomontage. In fact, there is no deception here. If you take a closer look at Mike, you will see that behind his head are the daughter’s reflective hair, and under father’s chin is her chin. Because of the angle from which this photo was taken, it turned out that the daughter is completely disappeared of the reflection. But she just hid behind her father.

That’s how simple one family photo has misled thousands of people. Tell me, you guessed right away, what’s wrong?

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