The silent Underwater Museum in Cancún

Cancun is in everyone’s memory who was there. Has not it happened to you that you plans your vacations and the first thing that comes to mind is this destination – Cancun? Perhaps because of its original and lavish beauty. Maybe it’s the desire to forget a little of our daily life and lose our eyes on its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue sea.

And it is precisely from there where Cancun is still the dream, its sea that keeps corals and colorful fish and I do not know how many more fauna and flora, has left us with the best memories of those holidays … Maybe it’s time to return.

How about a trip down Underwater Museum? You only need a snorkel or diving equipment to admire the dozens of sculptures that are submerged, waiting for the seagrasses to grow and become home to hundreds of colorful species.

Here is this video that shows us a silent world of characters and objects that were trapped in the story you want to visit, just let yourself be carried away by the music from your seat, you will surely find it fascinating.

Do not forget to mark the MUSA underwater museum on your wish list for your next visit to Cancun!

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