Snakes and crocodiles. Who is stronger?

The usual length of the anaconda is about 5 meters. But sayed, there were copies of 10 and 12 meters. True, this is not documented. Its mass is about 100 kilograms. She leads a predominantly aquatic lifestyle and preys on waterfowl, can snack a turtle or some reptile.

Pythons in general are similar in size to the anaconda. The largest python is the mesh. It has a length of up to 9 meters and a mass of up to 100 kilograms. But as usual, according to rumors, snakes of a larger size came see. They feed on monkeys, small ungulates, rodents and reptiles.

Crocodile cold-blooded animal, the temperature of his body about 30 degrees, sometimes can reach 34 degrees, it depends on the temperature of the environment. The animal world of crocodiles is very diverse, but differ in only long body species, reptiles are found up to 6 meters, but most are 2-4 m.

The largest comb crocodiles weigh more than a ton and have a length of up to 6.5 m, they are found in the Philippines. The smallest land crocodiles of 1.5-2 m live in Africa. Underwater, the ears and nostrils of the crocodile are closed by valves, to eyes are lowered by transparent eyelids, thanks to them the animal can see well even in troubled water.

If crocodiles and snakes live close to each other, then meetings between them are inevitable. Which of them is stronger? Let’s consider some cases.

Python and crocodile. Python of medium height attacked a large crocodile. He clung to the upper jaw of the crocodile, for which he immediately paid. The crocodile grabbed the python and held it tightly in the mouth. Python wrapped around him and began to squeeze, perhaps he would have brought the matter to an end, but the crocodile beat him with biting his sharp teeth. Python did not calculate his strength and paid for it.

Crocodile and anaconda. The giant anaconda spotted a little crocodile and plunged into the dark water of the Amazon. The crocodile also noticed the snake and tried to escape, but it did not work. In an unequal battle, the anaconda squeezes the crocodile in a deadly embrace and then swallows it whole.

Anaconda always acts as a hunter and even if she gets a big crocodile, she can strangle him, wrapped around the body of a reptile. But circumstances can develop and not in its favor. So who is still stronger, a crocodile or an anaconda? And what do you think? Write your opinion in the comments.

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