A shaggy lump rolled right under her wheels! The woman stopped the car and saw SUCH …

A recent incident in Portland was filmed on camera.

Going about her business, the girl at the wheel of the car was shocked by what she had met on the road.

Right in the middle of the track, her eyes opened a real to fight koalas.

What these animals did not share with each other is unknown. However, the degree of rage is clearly determined by the fact that the animals skated in the battle, not paying attention even to cars that literally swept by near.

Feeling a high degree of disassembly, the girl tried to separate the koalas. But even in spite of the external mimimi, the little “bears” are not at all friendly, especially when it concerns the fights in a small “Tokyo”. Remembering that these adorers had sharp teeth and claws, the girl did not pick them up to her hands and tried to disperse them with a rag. But …

Koala in the fight is terrible and irreconcilable. Ignoring all attempts to save their own lives, they completed the begun and soon the girl still managed to convince those that they are not in the ring.

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