When I saw whom he feeds I numb!

Many of us like to feed fish and swans does not it?
All of us were with our parents on a picnic or with friends on a lake. There were of course some flocks of small fish close to the shore and we could not leave them without food. We always fed them with bread and rejoice as if they were feeding us!


The hero of our today’s video is a little boy, who just like we in the past used to be, decided to feed the marine inhabitants. The only difference was that he did not see whom he feeds and actually did not know if he was feeding at all, because the dark water did not allow to see what was hiding under its surface. Initially, he threw bread in the water and just looked at the waves … but suddenly, as in a fairytale the waves parted, and this miracle surfaced … You will be amazed to see what a new friend this boy has got!

When I saw whom he feeds I just numb!
Yes, the smell of food attracted huge ramp to the very shore! I would like to note the fearless behavior of a young brave man! It seems that either the guy really has no fear, or he simply has no idea whom he contacted with, because the stingrays (though not all kinds of them of course) can be dangerous for people. However, thank God, this meeting ended well for everyone!

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