Real Mermaids Shot on Video!

Mermaids are one of the most popular mythical characters in our society. Most likely you once dreamed of becoming a mermaid with a chic tail and singing on the rocks. We so strongly want to believe in their existence that we constantly believe in cheap hoaxes when the mermaid is allegedly being dragged out of the water, but let’s give our dream another chance.

Ancient skeleton.

One of the most popular hoaxes is an allegedly ancient Russian skeleton found on the beach of Sazabola in Bulgaria. According to experts, these remains were preserved after Noah’s Ark. Perhaps the someone remains were convinced of the existence of mermaids, but people with more critical thinking quickly realized what was happening. The main thing is that the alleged tail of the skeleton turned out to be a fake, and the photograph was a completely different skeleton, from another excavation zone. And the professor in the photo was clearly and not very skillfully “mounted.” This photo still appears on social networks thanks to those who are not so clever.

In addition there is a series of artphotographies called “Archaeological finds of 2013”, there are photos created by artists who decided to revive the fictional characters. But someone on the Internet decided to take the image of a mermaid and began to assert that these are real archaeological finds.

British beach.

If the photographs are not enough to convince people of the existence of mermaids, then there is a better way. At first glance, this image looks convincing, although disgusting. These photos were taken by a man named Paul Jones on the beach in the UK, after which he sent them to Facebook. There is a half-decomposed body with a fish tail in the photo, but let’s look at this strange image. Look at the tail, it looks like it is made of garbage.

Of course, such a discovery could not be ignored by media representatives. Those who saw him alive, confessed that this is a dead cat. But those who believe probably do not know that Paul Jones is engaged in the creation of figures of mythical heroes. It seems that this mermaid became his next project. He only needed to take a photo, and it immediately became viral.

After the hurricane.

Be more careful in your faith. Every year the videos become more and more interesting and diverse due to the use of special effects. Look, for example, on this video, created by an anonymous author. According to the creator, it was removed after the hurricane, but the beach looks very much well-groomed and quiet for the place that survived the hurricane. The mermaid herself looks as if she has been lying in the sun for too long and did not use a suntan cream. Plus everything, would not there be a lot more garbage on the beach if there was a hurricane.

It’s just a dummy and give out his hair – it seems that the ocean even did not mess them up. Well, you can see that it’s just a wig. We pay tribute to the author for creativity, the mermaid herself is not convincing at all.


A man known only by his nickname Suertemalasuerte, published a video in 2016, which he shot while diving in Cancun, Mexico. When he swims underwater, he sees a silhouette of a creature that looks like a man from above and like a fish from below. In the description for the video, he declares that he shot on camera the real mermaid. The video is very impressive, but it’s too good to be true. Several people were floating with him in the cave, but the camera was only at him. How convenient! Usually it is difficult to determine where the video came from and who its original author.

In this case, what we can say with certainty is not a real mermaid. People who watched this video carefully decided that it was a girl who wore a tail. The world is obsessed with mermaids and finding such a tail is no problem at all. The girl on the video is Melissa and she professionally portrays a mermaid. It turned out that the author of the video just stole it from her channel.

Like in the movies.

Despite the huge amount of information that is available to us with a single click, people seem naive as never before. Us are even easier to deceive because of the overabundance of information. When you once again find a photo or video of a mermaid from your friend just enter the mermaid in the search engine and he will show you the original, most likely you will find a photo that will turn out to be old. “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but every time this photo pops up, people believe that these are real mermaids. For the sake of justice, these mermaids look very believable. We must give credit to their creators.

Inspection of the cave.

Not only the Mexican caves became the site of the alleged mermaid habitat, this incident occurred in the Philippines. During filming near the divers, the silhouette of the mermaid is visible, then on the frames it is no longer visible, so the contact could not be established. Not far from the caves there are mountainous formations called “The Mermaid Throne”, there presumably sat a mermaid. Someone decided to check this story and went to this place, but found nothing.

Incident in Zimbabwe.

In 2017, two boys drowned in Zimbabwe. This happened when they went the cattle near the dam. They allegedly saw a fish in the water and decided to catch it and then they were dragged by a mermaid. According to witnesses, she took them and dragged them under the water when the bodies of lifeless children dragged to the ground information on Zimbabwe’s news site with the same photo of a mermaid from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In addition, mermaids were often seen in this area.

And although everyone is just talking about truthfulness, but the photo from the movie and the lack of wide publicity are talking about the opposite.

Bafljaks River

Not far from the village of Suurbrak flows the river Bafljaks. Due to the deep waters in the river, according to rumors, mermaids were often seen there and many local people confirm this and have been observing it for several generations. In January 2008, one of the local residents, Daniel Cupido, was resting by the water when he heard a splash. He went to check the sound and saw a woman with long dark hair. He decided to swim to her and save her, but when he approached, he saw that she had red eyes, he immediately fell under the influence of hypnosis. Friends swam up and pulled him out and the mermaid was also able to see.

If this is true, then why did not the news of such an event spread all over the world? Local nevertheless believe in a mermaid and it appears every 10 years.


It seems that mermaids have appeared all over the world and do not live in a particular place. Many claimed to have seen mermaids in British Columbia, one of them allegedly was sitting on a rock near the bay. In 1967, the passengers of the ship claimed to have seen the mermaid there and she ate salmon. In the local newspaper there was even a confirmation photo. The story sounded so convincing, one firm even promised $ 25,000 as a reward for the mermaid caught, but in the end the story turned out to be a lie.

Passengers of the ship and in truth saw the mermaid, but it was the girl in her suit. Her name was Julie Olred.

Mermaids – the body is found!

When we watch documentary films, we often see experts and records with animals or with other subjects of conversation. We are used to believe such facts and experts, and if such a film was released on Animal Planet, then there can be no doubt. “Mermaids. The body was found. ” They shot a film that any skeptic forced to believe in the existence of mermaids, but when it turned out that the film – a fake, the ratings of the channel fell sharply. After this came the continuation of the film, which helped to return the ratings. In both series, actors played experts and scientists. In the movies, even talked about the evolution of mermaids from monkeys.

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