Mermaid was thrown ashore in Mexico

In the state of Veracruz in Mexico, on the shore threw a strange creature – a mermaid. The photo instantly spread through the net and caused millions of participants: is this a real mermaid?

Mermaids are one of the most popular mythical characters in our society. Most likely you once dreamed of becoming a mermaid with a chic tail and singing on the rocks. We so strongly want to believe in their existence, that we constantly believe in cheap hoaxes when the mermaid is allegedly being dragged out of the water, but the dream to see her awake lives with us.

Despite the huge amount of information that is available to us with a single click, people seem naive as never before. We are even easier to deceive because of the overabundance of information. When you once again receive from your friend a photo or video of the mermaid, just enter his name in the search engine and he will show you the original, most likely you will find a photo that turns out to be a bayan. One of these photos turned out to be a shot from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but every time this photo pops up, people believe that these are real mermaids. For the sake of justice, these mermaids look very believable. We must give credit to their creators.

This mythological creature was part of the props, which at the end of filming were thrown into the sea. Why she was thrown ashore just now – it’s incomprehensible, just the ocean plowed for a long time.

However, many people do not believe this explanation and are asked to reveal the creature! Maybe scientists just try to hide the fact of mermaids existence?

When we watch documentaries, we often see experts and recordings with animals or with other subjects of conversation. We are used to believe such facts and experts, and if such a film was released on Animal Planet, then there can be no doubt. This channel was able to fool the whole world thanks to the transfer of “Mermaid. The body was found. ” They shot a film that any skeptic forced to believe in the existence of mermaids, but when it turned out that the film – a fake, the ratings of the channel fell sharply. After this came the continuation of the film, which helped to return the ratings. In both issues, actors who played experts and scientists were cast. In the movies, even talked about the evolution of mermaids from monkeys.

And here’s the video, how they created this mythical creature:

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