It appeared in the middle of a deserted highway and … This day random onlookers will remember for a long time!

An incredible, shocking picture arose on the path of Hungarian drivers when they saw a huge herd of wild deer, rushing through the track with an endless live train.

One of the drivers, Chaba Gounjl, filmed this unusual video in the countryside of Hungary on the DVR.

First through the road to the Baranja district, located on the border with Croatia, several wild deer ran across, and then quantity grew bigger and bigger. A few seconds later the live stream of graceful animals became continuous and seemed endless.

For more than a minute the drivers admired hundreds of wild deer runing in front of their eyes at incredible speed, and emotionally commented on what was happening until eventually the last animal was on the other side of the road, and the drivers were able to continue their journey.

Very unusual case! On our roads you will not see this if you do not live in Canada

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