Happy news: Fans congratulate heartily Natlya Koroleva with the long-awaited pregnancy!

Popular singer Natasha Koroleva pleased her fans with wonderful news. The actress told everyone that she is expecting a baby and people began to congratulate Natalya with such a wonderful event.

Natasha published her portrait in Instagram. The scene queen is smiling in the picture that is decorated with butterflies and multi-colored hearts. “Waiting for a miracle!!!” – Natasha signed.

The singer fans have been thinking about what she meant and concluded that the woman is pregnant.

“Pregnant?!”, “And what a miracle?) The first thing that came to mind is the pregnancy)”, “I hope this”, “Natalia, let be what we all first thought about. I wish you would be happy,” “Natasha, are you pregnant?”),”Why butterflies?” “are you pregnant???? cool!!!! My congratulations!!!!!!!!», «Natasha, my congratulations with pregnancy, dear!!! I’m very happy for you with Sergey!”, “What the good news …. Is that long-awaited pregnancy really has happened? Congratulations, beauty!”- the singer’s fans are exulting.

Other web users think that Natasha hopes for a miracle in the scene creativity sphere: “There are two options: 1. A new song 2. A baby”, “Most likely waiting for a recital in the Kremlin # magic of love”, “Probably in anticipation of the new concert. Let it all come true!!! ”

By the way, last year in the TV show “The Secret to a Million” the Queen confessed to Lera Kudryavtseva that he and Tarzan dreamed of having more children, but there were some problems with this.

“We hope that God will hear our prayers and we will have someone else in the family. But I know that from there – from above – the God always see who can do it. We start threat the situation philosophically because probably it is not still our time. Although we went through all medical procedures that could induce pregnancy the embryo replanting, and insemination… We tried every possible things but nothing happened. There were pregnancies, but God did not give a baby. Therefore, we are waiting, Natasha spirits up. “But, in any way, if it does not happen, I think our son will surely give us a lot of grandchildren and compensate present situation.”

Natasha and Sergey dream of a second inheritor, but the hope is evanishing every year.

“We want a second child. We still have this idea, despite the fact that I’m 43 years old,” the singer said. The actress would very much like a girl since she already has a son. “Every year, when you become older the hopes that you can make a baby become less with every year. So now my task is to be an active grandmother. I want to have many grandchildren” – confessed the star.

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