Crazy animal battles shot at the camera

There are certain laws in the wild nature by which the strongest one survive. Very often animals need to fight to live, to continue their kind, to leave their offspring. We bring to your attention a few stories about battles of animals.

Raccoon against the dog

Once a brave raccoon came close to the cage where the dog was. After a moment’s thought, it penetrates through the metal bars of the fence. A small animal jumps on a tree, and then jumps on the dog and attacks it. A struggle is tied between them. The Raccoon did not frighten the dog, but got into the rack and attacked the dog. Having scorned such impudence, the dog did not immediately approach the raccoon, but ran around it, trying to grab it. In the end, he succeeds. But the raccoon broke free and ran up the tree. The sense of self-preservation at the raccoon won.

Buffalo and the elephant against lions


Once the lions were hunting a buffalo, which was behind the herd. There was an elephant watching all these. The lions prepared to attack and began to drive the buffalo. At some point, one of the lions caught up with the buffalo and grabbed him with a death grip. Apparently, he did not intend to let him go. The buffalo began to sink to the ground in pain. It seemed that his fate had been resolved. And then an elephant appears and goes to them. So, the lion evaluate the situation and decided to leave the buffalo and escaped. The elephant not only saved the buffalo, but also tried to force him run. Eventually, the buffalo rose up and staggered toward the herd, and the elephant accompanied him at some distance. So amazing that this happens in the wild nature!

Monkey and antelope against cheetah


Once a cheetah caught an antelope, grabbed her by the throat and dragged her. A monkey saw it. She rushed to the cheetah and he retreated a little. But after seeing around a whole herd of monkeys and assessing the situation, he rushed off at full speed. Monkeys followed him, but then calmed down. Antelope was tenacious. Thanks to monkeys it was not the time for the cheetah to die.

Cats against dogs


They say that there is no beast more terrible than a cat. There are a huge number of videos in the Internet with cats attacking dogs. Moreover, cats do not only fight with small dogs but they huge sheep-dogs that did not evaluate the situation could be injured.

Buffalo against Lion


One day a herd of buffaloes went to a watering place and lions were tracing them. The last buffalo fell behind the herd. After waiting a while, the lions attacked the buffalo, but something went wrong. Apparently, having sensed something amiss, the buffaloes returned and attacked the lions. All lions managed to run away from the sharp long buffalo horns, but one was not lucky. Perhaps he will never be able to hunt again

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