Children whose existence is difficult to believe in

Oh, children! They could be different, funny and sad, obedient and harmful, serious and not very much, ordinary or could be different from other ones. Whatever they are the parents are sure that their child is the best one. We represent you children whose existence it is hardly to believe.

Oscar Rigley

From the side Oscar seems to be an ordinary child who likes to play and run about. But unlike other children he can communicate equally with eminent professors and scientists. And you may ask how it is possible? In 2 years old Oscar was awarded the title of the smartest child in the world. It is difficult to believe, but the Oscar’s IQ at that age exceeded 160 that was comparable to Einstein himself. At such a young age, he was accepted into the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world the Mensa International. It seems, if there would be a choice to go for a walk with friends or to read a next book Oscar choose the second one.

Olivia Farnsworth

There is a “bionic” girl living in one English town. Olivia Farnsworth has unique chromosomal abnormalities, she never gets tired, she could live without food for some days and she does not feel pain. Doctors call her “bionic”, and her mother says that the girl is made of steel. Experts are at a loss, it seems that Olivia is the only person in the whole world who has such a peculiarity, the name of which has not yet been invented. The girl’s mom tells that Olivia got an car accident and a vehicle hit and for a while drag her along the asphalt. Everyone was horrified at what was happening, but the girl just got up, shook herself, shrugged and went on, as if nothing had happened.

Karan Singh


At birth, Karan had a height of 63 centimeters, becoming a record holder from the first minutes of his life. At the age of two years old, Karan weighed 42 kilograms and had a height of 124 centimeters, which is comparable to the growth of a ten-year-old child. Now the boy is 5 years old and his height is 170 centimeters. It is difficult to imagine him at the age of 18, but despite this external anomaly, the doctors did not find any deviations in the boy and declared him completely healthy.

Lola Chuil

Social networks have incredible power and Lola Chuil is the star of one of it. A sixteen-year-old girl has 345,000 social networks subscribers. She has already been called a new Naomi Campbell, and subscribers and fashionable critics are predicting carrier of a successful model to her. Many agencies dream of signing a contract with her. The fact is that the girl is the owner of a very unusual appearance. Firstly, gray-blue eyes, then, a tiny chiseled nose, third and most unusual, coal-black skin. In general, the girl looks like a person from another planet, which quickly made her popular.

Lizzy Clark

Lizzie Clark is recognized as the worst child in the world of all times. And what she did to get recognition of everybody!!

She scraped the sticker off her father’s Cadillac with a knife and left wrote on the car “wash me” by it.

She contacted 176 times the White House, demanding that the daughter of the president be telephoned.

She flooded the parents’ bedroom with water.

She also managed to slip a bear into the pocket of a journalist who came to their home for an interview and accused him of stealing.

We do not know how angry her farther was about the baby, but he really got traumatized. A bucket of scum, poured on a sleeping man, interrupted sweet father’s dreams for a long time. And that’s not the end! She shortened the dog’s tail with scissors, blinded a couple of cats and there is no hope that this devilish girl will ever finish.

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