The Blobfish is the most sad fish on the planet

You can meet various creatures in the world ocean and sometimes they could be disgusting and ugly. Among them is a Blobfish which looks like a slippery and shapeless object. It does not have scales and the shape of its body does not fit at all with the one we are used to see looking at ordinary fish.

It lives at a depths of 1200 meters preferring to be on the seabed. As we understand, the pressure here is extremely high, and in order not to be crushed you need to have a special structure. So, its body consists of a special gel-like substance, with a density lower than that of water. Thanks to this, the fish can swim freely. At the same time its body acts as a kind of swimming bladder. The usual bubble, which is found in all fish, simply could not withstand the water pressure here.

The fish was named due to the shape of the body which is very similar to a drop. Here everything is connected – a head with a pair of small eyes and a huge mouth, a spherical body that smoothly passes into the tail. The fish does not have ordinary fins. In her way of life, she simply does not need it.

There are small lateral fins on the chest with which the fish can swim slowly. The color of her body can be completely different. Everything depends on the environment in which it lives. Most often there are pink, and pink-brown specimens. Specimens of dark brown color are less common. The length of the fish grows to half a meter. Occurs in the waters of Australia. Also found near the island of Tasmania.

Blobfish is a bad hunter. She cannot swim fast, and therefore eats all that she finds on the seabed. But it perfectly sees in the dark, so it can easy find food for yourself. 

Almost nothing is known about the reproduction of the Blobfish. One thing is clear: it reproduces offspring, laying eggs in a sandy bottom.  The fish have no enemies. Despite being completely inedible, it has a habit of being hauled up in trawler nets. Experts believe the blobfish is under serious threat, although there are no reliable estimates of its numbers.

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