9 Most Incredible Items Found after the Tsunami

More often than not, the tsunami causes large-scale destruction to people, and for this they do not necessarily have to be high. Powerful waves demolish everything in their path, and while retreating, they leave on the ground quite unusual items that used to be hidden deep on the seabed. Moreover, sometimes waves endure such creatures, just for horror films.

Street sign. This piece of wood seems completely unprepossessing and the history of its appearance is amazing. It was determined that he was part of a street sign from a small village in North-West Japan. After the tsunami of 2011, this village was completely washed away in the sea and the street sign is one of the few surviving items. Surprisingly, he was discovered three years later, when he was washed by waves on one of the Hawaiian Islands. The sign was able to overcome more than six thousand miles and still survive. He was returned to his homeland and today serves as a symbol of hope for the future.

Marine record holder. The creature, taken ashore in 2017, is a belt-fish, which lives in great depth and almost does not come across people’s eyes. But a strong tsunami, which arose after the earthquake in the Philippines, carried him ashore.

Marine Shepherd Dog. This monster, taken out on the coast of the Philippines, puzzled many. People arrived from different parts of the country just to take a photo. No one could tell exactly what kind of creature it was. It was supposed that this is the decomposed body of an octopus. But its incredible size makes this theory unlikely. In addition, outside the monster was covered with something reminiscent of wool, which is usually not typical of marine life.

Prehistoric monster. These insanely sharp teeth, eerie eyes and a horn on the head, seem simply horrifying. The creature more resembles the scenery for the horror film, even received the nickname of “diabolical fish”. The photo of this monster seems absolutely not realistic, but a huge number of eyewitnesses confirm its originality. Specialists believe that this is probably one of the varieties of piranhas, but more intimidating in appearance.

The riddle of Japan. No one is exactly sure what exactly this fish is, but it seems incredibly old. Her wrinkled skin and lack of teeth prevent scientists from accurately determining her appearance. The fish appeared on the beach after the Japanese tsunami, forcing many to think about what else is hiding in the coastal waters. It is possible that such creatures appeared in the form of toxic waste released into the sea.

Buoys. Until 2011, these buoys were common port facilities. But appearing on American soil was completely inappropriate. They were on the shores of North-West America, absolutely suddenly and even years later these Japanese buoys still appear in parts of Washington, Oregon and California. How far away these objects are changing really proves how strong the currents of the Pacific Ocean.

Both at once. The size of this sea monster is really impressive. In order to take him ashore, it took a fairly strong tsunami. The researchers believe that this is a hybrid between the beluga and the shark. But who knew that these two animals can mate among themselves.

Beware of news. This huge fish was on the shore of New York harbor after a small tsunami. Her photo immediately attracted a lot of public attention. Later the picture was called “April Fool’s Fish”. After all, it was not real.

One-eyed monster. This fish, thrown ashore after the tsunami, seems so eerie that in fact few people would have risked eating it. Instead of the usual two eyes, the fish has only one, and it reflects all the horror that he experienced when he hit a powerful wave of a tsunami..

The rest of the mosque. During the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2016, the city of Pakayambh, located on the west coast of Sumatra, lost 40,000 citizens. A series of seven waves, caused by an earthquake of magnitude 9.1, literally washed away the city in the sea. After the water came down, a grayish object remained on the shore, which turned out to be the remnant of an Indonesian mosque, it was carried by waves. Some people call this the tsunami “the wrath of God”, which wanted to send an awakening to the community of the sinful city, and the remains of the mosque, a place for restoring hope and strength.

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