10 most mysterious photos in history

All of us store photographs of different years where different episodes of our life are depicted. Look at them once again more attentively. Maybe you’ll find something mysterious, like the Cooper’s family did.

A ghost. When Cooper’s family members photographed for this picture in 1950, they could not even imagine what they would find later. They just moved into this house and it seemed that life would go in a new way. But the shock crept up in the form of a ghost.

Sea monster. This well-known photo picture is considered by many to be the result of photoshop work. But only few people know that the French photographer Robert Liserec took this unknown giant marine animal back in 1965. This photo was the reason for stormy discussions among zoologists.

Black Knight. For the first time a picture of an unknown object that was called the Black Knight was made in 1960 by one of the first satellites. There is an unidentified object is clearly seen in the Earth orbit which could not be either a satellite of the USSR or a satellite of the United States. Since then, this object has been seen many times. It appears and then disappears at a certain time intervals. After careful study, scientists tend to believe that this is a fragment of artificial origin.

Grandmother. US 35th President John F. Kennedy was shot November 22 in Dallas, Texas. During the photos analysis that were taken at the murder site, the experts gave their attention to a mysterious woman in a light brown cloak and scarf. She appears on many pictures and always holds a camera. FBI officers searched for this woman for a long time, but failed to identify her.

Mobile phone. On the DVD with the edition of Charlie Chaplin’s circus a short film about the premiere of 1928 was added. There is a shot in it that shows a woman holding something looks like a mobile phone in her hand. The film director from Belfast, George Clarke, said that he considers these shots as a proof to existence of time travelers. Many people are inclined to believe that a woman is holding an auditory tube in her hand. But then it is not clear why she smiles and says something in it.

Lights of the Hessdalen valley. In 1907 a group of teachers, students and scientists broke a scientific camp in Norway to study a mysterious phenomenon called the Hessdalen Fires. Once in night time when the sky was clear Bjorn Halga took this picture using 30 seconds photo delay. Spectral analysis showed that the object should consist of silicon, iron and scandium. This is the most informative, but not the only photo of Hessdalen’s Lights. Presently the Hessdalen lights are of unknown origin. They appear at day and night, and seem to float through and above the valley. They are usually bright white, yellow, or red and can appear above and below the horizon.

Unknown rebel. This picture was made during the riots in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989. It shows an unarmed man that holds alone the column of tanks for half an hour. Personality and the fate of this person has still remained unknown. But this photo was published in almost all major publications of the world, and the unknown rebel himself became a symbol of the resistance to authorities.

The Solway Firth Spaceman. In 195, the family of Briton Jim Templeton walked around close to Bay of Solway Firth. The head of the family decided to take pictures of his five-year-old daughter by Kodak. The Templeton’s family assured that there were no other people in these swampy areas besides them. And when the pictures were made there was a strange figure seen it that was peeping out from behind the girl’s back. The analysis showed that the photo was not subjected to any changes.

The squadron of sir Goddard. This is a group photo of Goddard’s squadron, which fought in the First World War. It contains one intriguing detail. At the very top of it behind one of the officers, you can see the face that the members of the squadron consider as their former mechanic Freddie Jackson, who had been killed two days before the picture was taken. And the day the squadron was photographed, they had Jackson’s funeral.

Pyramids on the Moon. The photo of the moon surface AS-17-136-8-0 was made as a part of the mission Apollo 17. In the photos catalog it was listed as being illuminated. It was damaged due to some changes in the light exposure. However, when the contrast of the image was changed it turned out that some structures resembling pyramids.

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