10 Fruits that are Hard to Believe

What kind of fruit can you immediately begin to feel sick? What is the most sweet fruit on the planet? Thanks to which fruit can you seduce any girl?

1. Durian


This fruit can blow your brain! Of all the famous fruits, it was the durian who deserved the most diverse characteristics. The smell of durian is so disgusting that with it is not allowed to enter most public places in Asia. They say that after making a few breaths of the smell of this fruit, people can start to feel sick.


But if, holding your nose, you still try his flesh, you will understand why this fruit is called the king of fruit. But not everyone is capable of daring such incredible courage. The motherland of durian is eastern Asia.

2. The Hand of the Buddha


This is an unusual fruit, like a strange lemon with a very thick crust and sometimes has no crusts at all. It looks incredibly strange, as if from a computer game, you can not give out juice from it and often there is no seed in it. In China, he often stores in the house as a talisman. Also, this fruit is often used in the manufacture of female perfume.

3. Passion fruit


In many countries it is known as a fruit of passion. She comes from South America and has an unusually tasty juice. Its pulp is not less tasty and often serves as an additive to confectionery products. Why is it called the fruit of passion? It is said that if eat a lot of passion fruit the people begins the strongest attraction to partners of the opposite sex.

4. Pandanus


This fruit is also known as a screw palm, it resembles the egg of an alien monster. The birthplace of the pandanus are the islands of the Malaysian Archipelago. Its fruits were used in almost all spheres of life, from the manufacture of paint to eating. And they can scare friends on Halloween.

5. Kivanoe


Something strange reminiscent of a mixture of cucumber and melon. An incredible thing that seems like a child’s toy. The fruit itself comes from New Zealand. The intricacies of this fruit are no less strange and resemble the green liquid, which usually in films comes from dead aliens. By the way, for these purposes, it is often nibbled and used.

6. Dragon Fruit


Known as itaya, it really has something in common with dragons, it looks just cool! From the outside he looks like a creation of modern art. This kind of fruit comes from Mexico, but today it has become popular all over the world and grows in Indonesia, Australia and even in Israel. It is used in all sorts of delicacies.

7. Rambutan


This is an unusual fruit from Southeast Asia, it is mainly used in the manufacture of jam, jelly, and the seeds are fried and eaten. In the past, Asian sorcerers used rambutan in order to create on its basis a special potion that causes warriors to hallucinate and made them stronger and sturdier by several times.

8. Akebia


Akebia came to us from central China. It seems that this fruit is able to open the mouth like a predator and pounce on all passing by.


But in fact – nothing like this, its fruits are very interesting, like sausages with edible flesh in the middle and taste reminiscent of raspberries.

9. Atemoya


A hybrid of cherimoya and a sugar apple. This fruit is considered the most delicious of all fruits in the world. It is called the queen of subtropical fruits. The pulp, which resembles mango and pineapple, just falls in the mouth. like cream or sour cream.

10. Snake Fruit


As a salak, it gives fruits covered with skin, surprisingly reminiscent of snake skin, similar to bulbs. The flesh is beige yellow, sweet, aromatic and has a specific taste. To clean it it is necessary to properly adapt itself otherwise it is easy to cut your hands.

And what kind of fruit would you dare to try?

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